Macro photography Workshop


This workshop is for beginners to the more experienced photographers, and can be tailored towards flowers, insects,  butterflies and dragonflies etc. If there is a species that you would like to photograph we can try and find it. Most sites i know are local to Scarborough, however i don't mind traveling a bit if there is a good site near you, although i will charge extra for diesel if a long way off. It is £55.00 per person for the day. Small groups are welcome.

A macro lens or a lens with a macro setting is needed, on any camera should be ok. You may need waterproofs if rain is forecast. Please bring a packup lunch if you are booking for the full day.

To book this workshop please fill in the form below with your prefered dates.

The price is £55.00 per person, or £200.00 for a small group (4 to 6 people). If you would like to reserve a place, or make a group booking, please e-mail or fill in the form below and i will contact you for availability.


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Macro Workshop

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