Little Owl Photography Workshop

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This is a unique opportunity to photograph Little Owls from one of the best Little Owl hides in the uk. It is set up next to a mature oak hedgerow in open farmland in East Yorkshire.

The hide seats 3 people, and has a variety of interchangeable perches, it is great for flight shots as they fly along the hedgerow straight towards the hide, and the evening light can be stunning.

During the winter months Les and his team have fitted a video camera inside the nest chamber and for the first time visitors to the hide can watch the birds feeding their chicks and generaly going about their daily business – its a unique opportunity to see into their private lives.

Unfortunately there are no toilets on site, but it is very private. Good footwear is required as it is a good 5 minute walk from the car, it can also get quite cold at times so be prepared. You can bring food and a drink if required.

If needed i have a spare camera and lens (canon) please let me know in advance, this hide suits a 400mm -500mm lens or a 300mm on a crop sensor camera. A tripod is required.

The session will start at 2pm until 7pm (times subject to change). It is £140 each for up to 2 people. I will be there all the time to set up the perches and help you get the most of the session.

If you would like to reserve a place, or make a group booking, please e-mail or fill in the form below and i will contact you for availability. If you would prefer a different date please let me know.

The following dates are available:-

5th of July 1 place left

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Little Owl hide

The following photographs have been taken from this hide.

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