Cuckoo photography workshop


Cuckoo photography Workshop

Migrating north from Africa, the first cuckoos arrive in mid-April and leave at the end of July early August.The male cuckoo is famous for its’ distinctive ‘koo-kooo’ call, which can be heard over great distances. 

The cuckoo is in decline and is now a red listed bird, so this is a rare opportunity to get some good quality close up photographs.

The workshop is £80.00 each (max 3 people) and starts at 6am lasting for 2 hours.

A 300-500mm lens is needed. On a good day there can be many sightings back and fourth from the perch so make sure you have enough space on memory cards and a spare battery. You will also need a tripod, it can be muddy and wet, so suitable footwear and clothing is needed, and as you are not moving around much, extra warm clothing may be required.

I have a spare canon camera and lens that can be borrowed if needed. This workshop can be combined with the kingfisher workshop at £200.00 each for 3 people. (finish at 5pm). The following dates are available.

28th of June

for extra dates and info please fill in the form below. This is a very popular site with limited availability so please book early to avoid disapointment

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