Cuckoo photography workshop


Cuckoo photography Workshop

Migrating north from Africa, the first cuckoos arrive in mid-April and leave at the end of July early August.The male cuckoo is famous for its’ distinctive ‘koo-kooo’ call, which can be heard over great distances. 

The cuckoo is a brood parasite. It is well-known for its habit of laying an egg in the nest of another bird, then leaving the offspring to be hatched and fed by ‘foster parents’. This cunning tactic allows for more young cuckoos to be reared than would otherwise be possible. The cuckoo’s favoured foster parent species include pipits, warblers, dunnocks and robins.

The cuckoo is in decline and is now a red listed bird, so this is a rare opportunity to get some good quality close up photographs.

The workshop is £80.00 each (max 2 people) and starts at 6am lasting for 2 hours.

A 300-500mm lens is needed. On a good day there can be many sightings back and fourth from the perch so make sure you have enough space on memory cards and a spare battery. You will also need a tripod, it can be muddy and wet, so suitable footwear and clothing is needed, and as you are not moving around much, extra warm clothing may be required.

I have a spare canon camera and lens that can be borrowed if needed. This workshop can be combined with the kingfisher workshop at £200.00 each for 2 people. (finish at 5pm).

for dates and info please fill in the form below. This is a very popular site with limited availability so please book early to avoid disapointment.

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