Long Eared Owl

Long Eared Owl


A Brief History

Paul was lucky enough to have been  born in North Yorkshire and grown up in the seaside town of Scarborough, The freedom he enjoyed as a child gave him the opportunity to explore far and wide along the countryside and coast. So his passion with nature began, and with that his interest in photography, capturing those unique moments in nature and the behaviour of wildlife.

That freedom and the spirit to enjoy the outside has never left, even his career as a roofer gave him a unique perspective on the world from above, literally a birds eye view, sharing the roofs with gulls, swallows and bats.

As time moves on, so does technology, with better lenses, and more advanced cameras, the advanced technology lets us record nature better than ever, but getting the right shot is always a challenge, Paul has years of knowledge and learning and would like to share this with others who enjoy their photography as much as he does.

A day in nature with Paul will give you the ability to learn new creative techniques and get the best out of your equipment and available light. taking some memorable photos of our wonderful wildlife.